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Fractal Wheel Bearing

A 3D printable bearing using a first ever new method of making a bearing without a bearing cage.

 This Fractal Wheel Bearing is topologically equivalent to a standard roller bearing without a  cage, but its motion is uniquely different with less drag.    

When the inner fracs are airbags or another elastically compressible material then it is an efficient energy return wheel.

Fractal Gears Planetary Bearing

Planetary Gears and Bearing -  the least resistance and greatest axial load capacity bearing.

 This new gear geometry allows for multiple points of contact arrayed  along a curve in space, as compared to standard gears where there is a  line of contact arrayed along a surface in space.  Immediate benefits are efficiency gains without loss of load capacity , power transfer means within an efficient bearing, long life without lubrication, and an easily 3D printable geometry .


A ferrofluid generated Frac

 Fracs are the spherical fractal gears used to make fractal gearing  mechanisms,  They are used to  complete mechanisms with proper working arrangements.  Either the north and south poles have pivot points which are great for holding. Even numbered fracs can be held point-to-point, and there are not many other ways to hold Fracs, aka  Spherigears.  Fracs repeat in abundant natural forms all around us, such as blood cells, cactei, ferrofluids, tropical fruits, the coral reefs, space, quantum fields and more.  The black frac shown above is even numbered and formed magnetically, so there are no poles.