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Highly Flexible Fracs Drive Shaft

Flexible Drive Shaft composed of fracs connected by metal cable.  This fractal drive shaft can be any length, limited only by the strength of materials used.  It can have a snake-like, 3D curved trajectory, such as spiral.  It can be driven with many motors at multiple points along a highly curved trajectory.  

Unique Utility of the Fracs Drive Shaft

Flexible drive shafts built using fracs can provide utility not available with other types in that they can curve to provide almost any variable and dynamic drive angle positions, with minimal power loss.  

General Motions of Atomic Motors

Geometric primitives, a.k.a. General Motions(GM) encapsulate all the known fundamental mechanical motions, and the FDS is one member of a class of frac-based GM(s) called atomic motors.  Additionally, FDS can be used as Fracs Drive Rail (FDR) for a motor driven(or driving) track for efficient rotary-linear motion and vice-versa.  Molecular motors are mechanisms built as an amalgamation of many different atomic motors.

Manufacturing Processes in Development

Currently, fracs are being produced by 3d printing and metal investment casting.  New methods for instant manufacturing, currently being developed, use a powerful EM field applied to various metallic base geometries.  This will bring down cost  immensely.